Sunday, April 4, 2004

Mustang Sally ~ Reunited with her Registration Papers

"Do you guys remember the story about Mustang Sally???? I made a post on a message board back during the winter of 2003 about this mare who lives only 1/2 mile from me. The girl wanted to come and see "E" and during her visit, she asked did I want to come see her "MUSTANG". I replied, Sure..never have seen a Mustang up close and personal!

Upon arriving at her place, the mare was running up from the back field and I told the owner, "THATS NO MUSTANG" She was so surprised and was also upset...She asked, well then what is she??? I told her at the very least she was half Arabian if not a Purebred but would not really know until the mare got right up to us. And low and behold when she did, the mare was freeze marked! With the help of forum members thru the Kyro Kinetics site, I was able to inform the owner of who her horse was, her age, etc... She was AMAZED and then the journey began....

The mare although aged was still registered to her breeders...They agreed to help her get the papers. Then the wife passed away just before Christmas of that year and things changed. For a little while, it did not look as if this story was to have a happy ending BUT, with the help of Mr. Jim Benedict with AHA Special Services, it has happened. PAPERS ARRIVED YESTERDAY !!! And the new owner is overjoyed!!! This is a straight Egyptian Mare that is bred exceptionally well and comes from a very prominent straight Egyptian Breeder, Mr. Saluti in Pennsylvania. The new owner is so very interested in learning all she can about her horse and the Arabians as a whole, her and her husband went to visit Mr. Saluti a couple of weeks ago. There visit went very well and they enjoyed each others company very much. The new owners came back with much more knowledge than they had left VA with and are now even more excited than before. And as a token of Mr. Saluti's genuine kindness and love of the breed, he gifted the new owners of "MUSTANG SALLY" really, BKA FARAASHAH with Ruminaja Ali's Reserve National Champion Ribbon(s) there are 3 in all incased in a huge frame, complete with photos and all.

What a wonderful breed we have as well as wonderful individuals who own them!!! This was such a happy ending I just had to share!!! Good luck to the rest of you who may be trying to reunite your horse with their rightful heritage!"

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