Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sabino Arabians and Sport Horse Nationals

As an owner of Sabino Arabians, I have the responsibility of educating all that look at our horses whether it is in print or up close and personal thru their owners/trainers/handlers/etc. Let me give an example of an experience we had while at Sport horse Nationals (2005). On Thursday night there was the barn party at which time Stallion owners were obviously promoting their stallions, us included. We had the July issue of the Sabino Arabian Horse News that featured HG Esquire on the cover as well as the cover story. It was laid out on the table with the other non-Sabino related promotional material. Someone that we know personally who has been a breeder for 15+ years or so came by the stalls. They picked up the magazine and asked "What is a Saab-I-No?”. I was SHOCKED to say the least that a breeder of that many years was so clueless! Of course, this gave me the OPPORTUNITY to explain AND educate which I may have not had the opportunity to do otherwise. We need to create more of those opportunities to educate others. It is not a requirement nor suggested that everyone do print ads to invoke questions, etc. YET as responsible breeders (which we all should be if we are breeding) we should encourage questions while being honest enough to tell mare owners, potential buyers, newcomers just browsing, etc. the truth. Can you imagine the many surprises that have come from someone buying (with the intent to show) a solid bay mare in foal to a solid chestnut stallion to in the end get a uniquely marked foal that based on the current market might be undesirable by many????? And for some they have to see to believe. So let’s get out there and show them! For those who acknowledge our Arabians for what they are and have been, you are to be praised!

This short article is not to diminish the need for correct horses with good minds that are family horses, show horses, endurance horses, and anything that the Arabian can do! The Arabian is a breed that we all love! It goes without saying that a correct horse of any color or markings is much better than one that is not correct, of good mind, allowed to sleep in the tent disposition, etc. We really need to educate others in many different ways and now is the time to do it! There are many Sabinos that are GREAT horses. Yet due to the past history and lack of honesty from so many of those who own/owned them, we as Sabino owners are left holding the responsibility of educating so many about the true Arabian Horse.

There are many "Fence Sitters" "Lurkers" that are very curious about this Sabino thing. It is my hopes they will eventually decide to hop off the fence, know it is a safe place to be, and join us as Proud owners of Sabino Arabians! It is my hopes this article will encourage others to EDUCATE, PROMOTE (whether in print, in the show ring, out on the trail, by conversation, or in any other way), be HONEST, and be PROUD!