Friday, September 15, 2006


In 1976, a lovely Dixie Fireflash (Tornado x Fire Flame by *Bask) filly was born. Bred by Fred Johnson and owned by Jesse Fletcher of Fountain, SC. Dixie Fireflash, a big chestnut stallion whom at one time was a rather prominent breeding and show stallion in the Carolina's had a most impressive record of his own. FERLITAS ANGEL would become a proven broodmare for her new owner producing eleven wonderful foals. Who would have ever imagined what was to come? As FERLITAS ANGEL reached breeding age, her owner decided she would be bred to Ansata Shah Zaman. In 1982 at age 6 years old, FERLITAS ANGEL produced her first foal, a healthy gray colt who would go on to sire a total of 13 foals and accumulate a very nice show record to include Region 12 Champion Native Costume with many additional first place, Reserve Champion, and Championships in Purebred Stallion Halter, Native Costume, & English Pleasure. For FERLITAS ANGEL's second foal Mr. Fletcher chose the stallion EW Natal. In June of 1983 another healthy colt was produced although this time the foal was bay. And for the remainder of her production years, Mr. Fletcher bred the mare to the imported grey Salon son *Muslin, a ¾ brother to the U.S. and Canadian Champion stallion *Muscat who often appears today in the pedigree of Purebred Sabino Arabians. FERLITAS ANGEL produced a total of eleven foals for her owner of which nine were sired by the grey stallion *Muslin. She herself was a very conservatively marked bay mare with two rear stockings, a partial sock on the right rear and a star. Of her eleven foals produced, 5 were bay, 4 greys and only 2 chestnuts. Most were very moderately marked, one with no white at all, and one that was clearly a Sabino. Thus the true beginning of this story!
On March 20th, 1989 FERLITAS ANGEL produced a beautiful Purebred Chestnut Sabino filly and was named FA ANJELICA. This filly was purchased as a 2 year old from the breeder and would grow into a lovely mare, yet not ever produce a foal for her new owner Mr. Soussi. It was said that he in fact did try to breed her but was unsuccessful. However, in 1999 ownership of FA ANJELICA changed hands once more as her owner was leaving to go overseas and willingly gifted her to Martha and David Lucas. What a wonderful turn of events took place thereafter! FA ANJELICA would be used in the Lucas's breeding program in spite of her large belly spot that runs basically the length of her barrel, broken white on her rear left leg and additional high stockings and wide blaze. With anticipation FA ANJELICA would settle in foal, Martha and David was quite happy to learn they had been successful and the mare produced her first foal ever, sired by Whitehaven Plantation's late Straight Egyptian stallion, Ansata Ibn Jamila. A gorgeous black-bay filly named WH Magdalina who went Top 10 at the Egyptian Event as a 3 year old! FA ANJELICA would be bred again to produce WH Evangelina, a blood bay full sibling to her first foal WH Magdalina. WH Evangelina was open Judge, Grace Greenlee's top pick out of that years foal crop present during her trip to judge a show at Whitehaven Plantation. She will be started soon to be presented 07' as a Sport Horse. And FA ANJELICA's third foal sired by the Straight Egyptian multi-champion Sport Horse Stallion WH Bodacious, born a most brilliant chestnut with a blaze and high white is just a yearling now is absolutely incredible. WH The Aga Khan is starting to roan out and most likely will go gray. As Whitehaven Plantation's trainer Trisha Blackwell has a saying, "If you are not in foal you are under saddle!" FA ANJELICA had a new job ahead of her! She had been at Whitehaven Plantation for awhile now and no one knew for sure about FA ANJELICA's training or lack of. For as long as Trisha can remember, there were rumors from boarders, their blacksmith, and former employees that they thought FA ANJELICA was under saddle and that she was a pretty good riding horse. As no one knew for sure Trisha was obviously cautious! FA ANJELICA now being older and after having 3 foals needed to get back into condition and strengthen her top line and the time had come. FA ANJELICA, at age 17 would now get back to work and become a show horse on the "A" circuit! Trisha picked a day and went for it! Much to her amazement, FA ANJELICA was incredible under saddle! Yielding to her legs, going forward, halts from her seat, gave to the bit, bends, and more! Trisha was ecstatic! Because FA ANJELICA is so very beautiful, the decision was made to go ahead and show her. Late August of this year Raleigh, NC was the host for the Central Piedmont Arabian show and was FA ANJELICA's first show ever to the best of her owner's knowledge. FA ANJELICA won her Sport Horse In-Hand mare class with a score of 73 and was also the Champion Sport Horse Mare. She placed 3rd in SHIH Mares JTH as well! As FA ANJELICA had basically had just under a month of work after at least 10 years off, there was no need to push the under saddle classes. However Trisha felt she could handle a couple of Introductory Level Dressage classes which she did beautifully, getting better each time and was awarded 4th twice, a 2nd, and a 1st under two different judges her first time out! FA ANJELICA is affectionately called "Jelly Bean" at home. She has found her place of comfort at Whitehaven Plantation with her owners Martha & David as well as her trainer Trisha Blackwell. She is only ONE out of 11 foals produced by her mother that is clearly a Sabino and Whitehaven Plantation is quite proud of their lovely mare. So much so that if all goes well it is planned to present FA ANJELICA at Sport Horse Nationals in 07'! If you are out and about at some of the Region 12 or Region 15 shows next year, you too might get to see FA ANJELICA. I was fortunate enough to personally see her while at the Central Piedmont Arabian Show in August and was so impressed that I wanted to share her story here with you! Drumroll please……..Another Purebred Sabino is successful at a Class "A" Show!